The duration of the tour 3 days/ 2 nights or 5 days/ 4 nights

  Tomsk is far from the capital, but in its history there are some crucial events and secrets that link the Royal House (the House of Romanov) to Tomsk. Legend has it that the Emperor Alexander I was hiding in Siberia under the guise of The Elder Feodor Kuzmich, who is now glorified in the image of the holy Elder Feodor of Tomsk. During the tour, we will try to search for the answer to the question if the empire’s First Man could leave his power and wealth behind and become the last of his most rightless citizens. 

Do you believe in secret symbols, signs or coincidences?
We will try to investigate the secret symbols and signs on one of the most mysterious tours in Tomsk Mysticism of the House of Romanov in Tomsk.

What does the leap year of the Dragon mean for Tomsk and the Romanov dynasty?
Why are there so many places in Tomsk (like no other city) named after the children and close relatives of Nikolai II?
How many Emperors became revered Russian Saints? And why were they all in Tomsk?
Why did the bell in honor of the coronation of Nikolai Alexandrovich appear particularly in Tomsk.
What can Yakov Yurovsky’s House tell?
How many regicides were born in Tomsk?
What is the history of Tomsk icons of Nicholas the Wonderworker, what signs were given to the city by the heavenly patron of Nikolai Romanov.

Day 1 – The bus day

  Day 2 – The bus day

 Day 3 – Walking day

 Day 4 – Free day


Day 5 – The bus day